Juniors - Female Football Pathways:

 As planned to have done in 2020, female footballers at Maccabi FC from 14 years old and above will join a squad of players and be allocated to teams according to the 1. skill level and 2. age of the player. Much in the same way as has been done in the past however those more talented footballers will be encouraged to challenge themselves in stronger competition. Please note that no girl will be forced to join a stronger squad if they choose not to.

FFP teams will be broken into U15/16, U17/18. Note that U17/18 will more than likely play in a lower level women’s league rather than a junior league to prepare them for the move into senior football over time. 

Please email enquiries@mfcc.com.au for further information

Girls 5-13 y.o:

Please click this link to head to the main MFCC Club website for details and registration